If you'd like to bring in items to be considered for consignment, no appointments are necessary. You may bring them in any time during business hours, Tuesday through Friday. We do not accept consignments on Saturdays.

Because of the extensive availability of knockoffs and counterfeit gowns, we do not accept most gowns that have been ordered online. There are a few exceptions, so please feel free to ask before bringing your dress in.


- SOSN does not buy items for cash. Your gowns and accessories will be considered for acceptance under a consignment contract only.

- All used clothing items must be clean, pressed and undamaged. Please be vigilant in checking areas prone to wear and staining, especially hems and underarms.

- Full length gowns and dresses must be hemmed for someone 5' 5" or taller, without shoes.

- When you bring your items in, we will select what our customers will buy. Sometimes there will be items we cannot accept; please understand that current trends, upcoming occasions, and customers' preferences will influence our selections.

- All shoes and accessories should show minimal wear. Original shoe boxes are appreciated, if available. Jewelry should be clean and not missing any stones. We do not currently consign fine jewelry - please consult a jeweler for other options with those pieces.


- We research the current market value on all items before pricing them for sale; our goal is to get the best possible price for you. We reserve the right to offer discounts and run promotions in order to drive sales.

- You will receive 50% of the final price when your item sells. Checks will be mailed monthly for items that have sold.

- Our consignment contract term is 120 days. Items may be considered for contract renewal at the discretion of Something Old, Something New's owner.

- You will have a two week grace period to pick up unsold items at the end of your contract. It will be your responsibility to keep track of your contract end date - reminders will not be given.

- Any items remaining in the store after the pick up grace period will become the property of Something Old, Something New Boutique and may be donated or resold at the store's discretion.